Air Information

The trip package includes round-trip air transportation for one couple from Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose or Oakland.

Flight reservations for Los Cabos may only be booked through Group Travel Partners, Slakey's designated air travel company. They will be happy to assist you with requests for extensions or upgrades.

Group Travel Partners cannot issue mileage tickets or companion tickets. These cannot be used on Slakey group trips.

Contact Gina or Lorry
Direct: 1-770-291-4203
Cell: 1-888-357-8218

  • Once you have submitted your registration, a member from Group Travel Partners will email you your itinerary for approval. You have 24 hours to approve or request changes to the itinerary.
  • Please be sure to review this itinerary carefully before authorizing. The name on your ticket must appear exactly as it appears on your passport.
  • Any changes after your itinerary has been approved may result in additional charges.

You will be responsible to pay for any additional airfare and fees incurred because of your upgrades and/or extensions. Trip points may NOT be used to pay for extensions, upgrades and/or 3rd & 4th travelers. Should you require additional agent assistance for extensions or upgrades, you will be charged a transaction fee of $40.00 per ticket, plus any additional airfare and fees that may be incurred.

Due to airline policy changes, we can no longer process split payments for the difference in airfare due to extensions or upgrades. The difference in airfare will be billed to your Dealer account. You may choose to settle this with your dealership or pay Slakey directly. Please contact Judy Adams in Marketing with any questions.

Once ticketed, there is an additional $40.00 service fee per change, per person, for any changes, in addition to any charges that may be imposed by the airline.