Columbia Resources

Air Cleaner to Round Transitions
Adjustable Pivot Take Off
Air Tight Take Offs
Air Tight Take Offs - 45° Saddle
Air Tight Take Offs - Belled Saddle
Aluminum Dryer Wall Vent with Damper
Base Cans
Butterfly Dampers
Filter Racks
Round Drops
Caps and Plugs
Cones Saddles
Dovetailed Starting Collar
Dryer Wall Vent with Damper
Duct Board Spin-Ins
Filter Grille Box
Flat Saddles
Galvanized Dryer Wall Vent with Damper
Carbon Pleated Filter (MERV 8)
Carbon/Charcoal Pleated Filters (MERV 11)
Pleated Filters (MERV 8)
Pleated Filters (MERV 13)
GoldPleated Filter Electroni Air Cleaner
High Efficiency Take Off with Damper
Lint Box
Oval 45° Angles Shortway and Longway
Oval 90° Shortway and Longway Elbows
Oval Angled Stackedhead Boot
Oval End Caps
Oval Pipe
Oval Round 90° Angle Boot
Oval Round 90° Torpedo Angle Boot
Oval to Round Straight Boots (1)
Oval to Round Straight Boots (2)
P5 Straight Register Boots
P13 90° Register Boots
Plaster Ground Dry Wall Vents
Plenum Take Offs
Rain Caps and Globe Vents
Rectangular Duct Longway
Rectangular Duct Shortway
Rectangular Duct Starting Collar
Rectangular Duct Transitions
Rectangular Wallstacks
Rectangular Duct
Rectangular End Caps
Roof Flashing
Roof Vent Adaptor
Round Angled 45° Saddle Take Offs
Round Ceiling Box
Round Fitting Dampers
Round Pipe
Round Reducer
Round Tee
Round Vent Wye Branches
Round to Rectangular Register Box with Mesh
Round Wye Branches
Screened Wall Vents
Sheet Metal Spin-Ins Take Offs
Short Boxes
Side Take Offs
Spring Return Round Damper
Square to Round Transition (CDF)
Square to Round Transition (SRT)
Storm Collar Stucco Dryer Wall Vents
Toe Kick Can
Toe Take Offs
Torpedo Register Boots - P17
Type B Gas Vent Adjustable Flashing
Type B Gas Vent Tall Flashing
Universal Electronic Air Cleaner Blanks
Wall Stack BootsWall Stack Fittings