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Our Customers are very important to us and we hope this trip reflects our sincerest appreciation for your loyalty. We look forward to a continued successful partnership!


It is our sincere pleasure to welcome you with aloha to our 2020 Slakey trip and the beautiful Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa.

To the Hawaiian people, aloha is an act of unconditional friendship, trust and welcome. “Alo” means to be “in the presence of another person” and “ha” translates to “breath,” which is a symbol of life. The spirit of aloha is embodied throughout the Hawaiian Islands and is considered one of the Hawaiian culture’s core values.

Local Tips

Average temperature: 75°-85°F; refreshing trade winds all year long.

Casual wear in Ka'anapali and greater Maui is acceptable most of the time.

Some establishments (nightclubs and bars) have a ‘’no jeans, no running shoes’’ policy.

Time Zone:
PDT-3 hours (Hawaii does not recognize Daylight Savings).

Lahaina Highlights

Natural Wonders in Lahaina

Snorkel, surf, go boating and explore all the beauty that Lahaina, Hawaii has to offer – don’t miss the famous Banyan Tree.


If you’re without a car on Maui — or even if you want a fun change of pace! — hop on a trolley, shuttle or train to go shopping. In lieu of a public transportation system, these shuttles in West and South Maui run between the island’s major resort areas and shopping centers:

West Maui Shopping Express has three routes:
Kaʻanapali to Lahaina and back
Kapalua to Kaʻanapali and back
Kaʻanapali Train Station to the Lahaina Train Station and back

Lahaina Art Galleries

Lahaina has gained a reputation as a renowned art market with dozens of art galleries. Begin your art walk at the Old Jail Gallery run by the non-profit Lahaina Arts Society, home to 185 member artists. Village Galleries is Maui’s oldest gallery showcasing acclaimed local artists. For fun, check out the kinetic sculptures and pop art at the Martin Lawrence Galleries.

Old Lahaina Center

Hit the stores and enjoy a day of fashion, food, and fun at our shopping center in Lahaina, Hawaii. Old Lahaina Center is the place to be for shopping in the center of Lahaina town. Take a trip to the bank, grab a bite to eat, schedule a doctor's appointment or catch a show all at the Old Lahaina shopping center!

Lahaina Grill

We opened in 1990 as a little 55-seat bistro off Lahaina’s thoroughfare called Front Street, and almost 20 years later Lahaina Grill has garnered international-acclaim as culinary Mecca—these days, it’s sometimes difficult to book one of the restaurant’s 130 seats! Considered by many to be Maui’s prettiest, freestanding restaurant, the soft tones are accented by a gorgeous, pressed tin ceiling. The artwork hanging throughout the restaurant is by Maui’s premier colorist, Jan Kasprzycki.

Paia Fish Market Front Street Restaurant

The Paʻia Fish Market is an iconic Maui restaurant located in the heart of historic Paʻia town. Its doors opened in 1989. The roots of this plantation-style community are deeply connected to the production and history of sugar cane. Paʻia served as a meeting place for the local factory workers and fishermen across the island. In recent decades, it has become a bustling town with a blend of boutiques and unique restaurants catering to tourists and locals alike.